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Dominika Mirgova - WONDER WOMAN TOUR

19.90 EUR

The well-known Slovak singer Dominika Mirgová, after the release of the album Wonder Woman, which contains 12 songs with a theme intended especially for a female audience, is coming with a unique show where all the songs from this album will be performed, including her biggest hits. It will be a special concert with a live band, choreography elements, surprises during the concert and of course you can also look forward to special guests from the album like Ronie, Sharlotta and others.

Since this concert will move in the greatest female energy, it will be opened by a trio of beautiful dancers from Nitra called Flavor of Kajla, who have prepared a special dance show for you. Women's eyes will also come to their senses, because the only male guest on this TOUR will be the Slovak performer ADiss, who will transport you to the atmosphere that you could have experienced at his HNN concerts.

The beginning of the events will be at 20:00 when the gates of the venues open and at the same time the photo shoot and the meeting with Dominika will begin, only for people who purchase a VIP ticket. After the event, photography will not be possible.

After 3 years, Dominika is going on her third life TOUR, which will be unique and unforgettable! You can't miss it!

Frontrunners: Adiss, Flavor of Kajla

Place : GES Club