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The musical Dracula was seen in the Palace of Culture (now the Congress Center) in the years 1995-1998 by a record 1.2 million spectators, which is an unprecedented and unbeaten Czech musical record! Subsequently, it was presented in Slovakia, Seoul, South Korea, Poland, Germany, Russia, Belgium and Liechtenstein. It was almost immediately called the Czech musical of the century.

The musical was based on the theme of Stoker's novel Dracula, but it adheres only very loosely to it. The story takes place in the 15th century, in the 19th century and in the indefinite near future. There is no need to introduce more Dracula. In the friendly environment of the Trnava Amphitheater (Slovakia), songs such as: "I know you are with me", "Nespravedlivý Bů" or "You are my lord" will be heard in the concert version of the musical.

Place : Amphitheater