HYDRA Collective - Against the System

10.03 - 31.03.2023

The collective consists of young artists who have decided to perform together, but this time purposefully as anonymous individuals with a hidden identity. Through their works in this exhibition, they respond to the frequent hostile attitude of (Slovak) high schools towards transgender and queer students, which personally affects them in their daily experience. In their works, male and female artists deal with the themes of external normative influences on their identity, as well as gender-based self-image.

The HYDRA collective brings together (not only) queer and transgender artists from several high schools in Košice. The name HYDRA refers to a fluid, non-specific being composed of multiple possible personalities and identities. The creation of HYDRA is multifaceted, but in the case of the exhibition project in Tabačka, the most important common denominator is the expression of protest against the improper treatment of LGBTQI+ young people at the home school.

The creation of the collective at this exhibition is covered by the curator, artist and activist Pavlína Fichta Čierna, who has also been active in the pedagogical process for many years. During the preparation of the project, she worked closely with a young artist and organizer, whose identity, for significant reasons, will only be revealed at the end of the exhibition.

Exhibiting authors of the HYDRA Collective

Curator Pavlína Fichta Čierna in collaboration with a member of the Hydra collective

Location : Tabačka Kulturfabrik / Tabačka Gallery