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Insita from Kovačica

07.07 - 31.12.2024
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Insita from Kovačica

Babka Gallery, Vojvodina, Serbia

The characteristics of the works are borne in the form of the Banat village of Kovačica. A village, a church, rows of identical houses around it, fields, plants and trees, people and animals... But from a real village in a different atmosphere, different colors and a different rhythm. The celebration of life, beauty and fertility is everywhere. Such instinctive art comes to life in the creation of works by Serbian authors, whose creative work has thrilled hundreds of fine art enthusiasts.

One of the prominent representatives of this exhibition is the painter Pavel Hajko, the most original living representative of the Kovačky instinct, with his own artistic language and philosophy. Unlike other instinctive artists, the author also began to devote himself to erotica as a way of expressing his own temperament and conveying the universal feelings and desires that every person has. The painter shows an incredible sense of humorous grotesque, interspersed with elements of fantasy, which sometimes looks as if it was transferred from the work of Salvador Dalí.

In the second half of the duration of this exhibition, a cross-section of the work of insit artists, exhibiting at the Babka Gallery in Kovačica, Vojvodina, will be enriched by other interesting authors.

Location: Historic purpose-built building