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Miro Žbirka – Years and days

02.12 - 16.06.2024

Visitors to the museum's historic building on Námestí Maratónu Mieru will get to know not only the musical career of a solo artist or a team player - a "modusák", but also the personal life of an "unofficial member" of The Beatles, a lover of three-stripe sneakers and English humor. They will walk through the audiovisual tunnel, play on Žbirka's keyboards, see, in addition to the original awards and cult images of the musician, also previously unpublished samples from the star's private archive or wardrobe. The fact that the Košice exhibition will bring (among other things) exhibits that have not appeared either in Prague or Bratislava is great news (not only) for hardcore Meky fans. Visitors can even take away a commemorative souvenir or "LP-éčko" from it.

VSM and Košice will become Meky Žbirka's "mecca" from December 2023 to mid-June 2024. Kateřina Žbirková, co-author of the exhibition, also mentions the artist's relationship with eastern Slovakia: "I am very happy that thanks to the enthusiasm of the director of the VSM, we managed to transfer the exhibition to Košice, the city where most of Meky's tours started or ended. His relationship with eastern Slovakia was special and he had many friends there, whom I hope to see at the opening together with others, now also my friends from Košice. I wish the fans who challenged us for this quite difficult move to remember Meky, have fun and appreciate his music. And if, thanks to this exhibition, they would listen to Meky's compositions, it would be exactly what he would have wished for."

Even the director of the museum, Dominik Béreš, has no doubt that Žbirka as a cultural phenomenon can attract the masses, who adds in the end: "Is there anyone who does not know Meky? Who wouldn't want to play his hits on guitar with the same passion? Who hasn't cut a duet with their love in dead ends? Collection is a concept. A personality that is not associated with a specific time and generation. Her hits, which have been played daily on the radio for decades, are familiar to all age groups."

Place : East Slovak Museum