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People who charmed me

25.01 - 14.04.2024
Info from the organizer

Visitors can look forward to 75 pictures of people from 11 countries, who charmed the author with their uniqueness. Through the faces of the people of China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Israel, Vietnam, Mexico and Ethiopia, the viewer has the opportunity to perceive a varied palette of humanity. At the same time, the exhibition seeks and finds pieces of truth about life and the eternal flow of present moments. Through these photographic fragments, you can discover the beauty of diversity and feel that it is precisely this that enriches the human soul.

"The large complex of activities, exhibitions and expositions, with which our museum enriches the whole social events in the East, undoubtedly also includes a dose of tasting distant worlds. It is the unusual photographic works from the workshop of Roman Martinský that will bring to the exhibition spaces a huge penetration of exoticism, atmosphere and especially the emotions for which the author is known in his photographs. We are pleased that for a short winter time we will have a breath of warmth and a unique environment of distant countries in the East Slovak Museum," says VSM director Dominik Béreš.

Roman Martinský is a photographer, traveler, journalist and person who has been recording specific moments for two decades. During this time, he established himself as an author of portraits and "street" photographs. In his work, he captures the charm of presence and people in their nature. His portraits are a confession where he creates a dialogue between the object of his interest and himself. On his travels, he looks for answers about the essence of man through a lens. Peek into his world of poetic images and reveal answers about the human soul.

Place : East Slovak Museum