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From their thrash metal beginnings to their influential death metal transformation, Pestilence left an indelible mark on the world metal scene, which includes influential albums like "Consuming Impulse" (1989) or "Testimony Of The Ancients" (1991). After the release of their last breakthrough album "Exitivm" in 2021, they are now tempting fans with the announcement of their upcoming tenth studio album, which will be called "Portals".

Founder and guitarist Patrick Mameli, the only original member, leads the band on a dynamic odyssey and consolidates its status as pioneers of progressive death metal. Although the band went through two breakups and reunions during its existence and recently another personnel change, when Roel Käller from Mayan replaced Joost van der Graaf as bassist, this Dutch legend and one of the most fundamental death metal bands since its formation in 1986 has been a tireless musical a path that will infect your ears with its complex technique and infectious brutality.

The Black Death Over Europe Tour thus promises an unforgettable experience for all lovers of the death metal genre, which will be a sign of the Pestilence band's determination to continue bringing top metal.

Carnation, a death metal machine, has spent the last ten years reviving the genre, skillfully balancing old-school authenticity with a fresh approach. Their third fresh album "Cursed Mortality" boldly ventures into experimental territory and means a rebirth for the band - with a new visual approach and logo. This next chapter, a continuation of their rich career, follows a successful journey in the name of relentless rawness and crushing precision with the critically acclaimed albums 'Chapel of Abhorrance' (2018) and 'Where Death Lies' (2020). Carnation's evolution transcends the musical framework and their courage to step out of their comfort zone signals the beginning of an exciting new chapter for these Belgian death merchants.

Another layer of brutality will be added to the tour by Bodyfarm, who will present their long-awaited fifth album "Ultimate Abomination" in a new four-member line-up. Formed in 2009, this Dutch death metal force started out as an old school and classical oriented band. Despite the changes in the line-up, including the tragic loss of founder Thomas Wouters in 2019, Bodyfarm remain true to their basic ethics, but they are not afraid to push their style, and with the new record they will bring a pinch of black metal influence to the evening filled with death.

Place : Colosseum club