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PSH On Tour - Collosseum - Košice

17 EUR

Peneř Stryček Homeboye on tour again!

The spring club season is slowly knocking on the door and that only means that the band PSH is leaving for the next part of its Endless Tour after the winter break!

During the autumn, they played 17 beautiful concerts, 12 of which were sold out! Now it's time to return to the dark environment of the club and finish the spring part of the club tour before the summer festivals. You can expect an absolutely legendary dictation and, of course, some physical carriers and merch if you would like to please yourself or someone else, after the concerts meet & greet at the merch stand. Experience the Infinite Tour with PSH right now.

The whole tour is "Powered by Corona"

Other tour partners are Radio Spin, Mattoni

Place : Colosseum club