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After the excellent concert of The Winery Dogs last fall, multi-platinum songwriter, excellent singer and guitarist Richie Kotzen returns to us with his solo work and a new concert program "Richie Kotzen Live 2024"!

He was born in 1970 in Pennsylvania and from the age of six he did nothing but play guitar and piano. Of course, he also went to school, but he devoted all his free time to practice, mainly jamming with recordings played on radio stations. The extraordinary talent came to the attention of the famous guitar talent scout Mike Warney, who secured the release of his debut album and the first video school when Kotzen was eighteen!

Over time, he went through many styles and collaborated with a lot of musicians (Poison, Mr. Big, Stanley Clark, Greg Howe, Adrian Smith / Iron Maiden...), he started to focus more on singing and composing rock songs. Today he already has a strong fan base all over the world, for example in Japan he was a special guest of the Rolling Stones concert tour. Richie is undoubtedly a guitar giant, even if he doesn't play as elaborately these days as he did on the joint CDs with Greg Howe. He is already musically elsewhere and he is glad that it is so. He performs a lot of concerts and records, he matures to a famous level in all aspects - as a composer, guitarist and, without debate, also as a singer. The endless stops of his performances decorate the map of the world like a pearl necklace, and Richie explains his concert appetite with the words:

"For me, music is mainly live performance, because every concert and every song is always a new and original moment, a new experience. Although the chords are the same and the melodies are the same, each concert is an original.

Place : Colosseum club