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15.12 - 21.04.2024
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Viktórie Revické's movement performance explores the interconnection of the human and non-human world, revealing how the dichotomy between "nature" and "culture" can change. The choreography for three performers unfolds against the background of a poetic text conceived by the author, which carries the audience into a personal contemplation of our relationship to the living and non-living world. Tones, voices, frequencies with musical accompaniment gradually graduate and fluctuate, interspersed with quiet moments, tender melodies and intimate reflections. These elements are supported by movements that create a certain tension. The horizontality in the choreography disrupts the classic verticality of the figure, making the embodiment of tree root movements a holistic experience of natural forces. Human experience is intertwined with the complex dynamics of the natural world, creating a new form of participation and ecological awareness. In order to understand the principle of non-human actors, we need to let go of the need to name things, but start to perceive them.

How much the roots twist under the asphalt encourages us to slow down, stay in the in-between time, and strengthen our ability to perceive and observe. It poetically blurs the boundaries between human and non-human entities. He contemplates life under our cities, how roots move under the asphalt, trying to understand the landscape from the perspective of living beings with a dose of empathic imagination. The latest research proves that trees communicate with each other by electro-chemical impulses, some scientists claim that forests have their own social system, they communicate with each other and support each other. People with their psychic and somatic remnants of city life, with their tired souls, need regeneration and renewal, which they can achieve, for example, by connecting to the surrounding environment. This is the main teacher and healer if we are open and ready to have an active dialogue with him. By understanding the different dynamics and interactions of an ecosystem, we can experience how organisms silently shape the macroenvironment. A time marked by continuous mutational processes, the rhythm and duration of which is governed by the biological growth of organisms, is completely different from our Great Acceleration.

A certain awkwardness and inappropriateness of the spectators as passive observers encourages us to think about the dominant position of people in the epoch of the Anthropocene. The exhibition supports the comic nature of human thinking and the playfulness with which the author does not directly address the climate crisis and the resulting anxiety, on the contrary, she seeks forms of sensitizing. The contemplative installation thus cultivates consciousness and multisensory perception, which can lead to a healing relationship with our surroundings.

Viktória Revická is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. In his work, he mainly deals with performativity, but he also works with author's text, video, food, fermentation and plants. Her approach to creation reflects her interest in the relationship to the environment, ecology, intuition, fermentation processes and slowing down. It draws on the vulnerability of living and non-living surroundings, which it conveys to us through visual metaphors and its own vocabulary.

Performers: Soňa Kúdeľová, Viktória Revická, Michal Zoller

Koncept / Concept: Viktória Revická

Music: Daša Buliková

Mix / Mix: Adam Badí Donoval

Camera and Sound: Juraj Starovecký

Costumes: Matej Grznár

Styling: Petra Nela Pučeková

Curator: Štefania Ďuricová

Place : Východoslovak Gallery