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Wheel, wheel, you've turned

31.01 - 14.04.2024
Info from the organizer

The wheel has been helping people make their work easier for thousands of years. It is a symbol of progress and a brilliant invention that moves the world. The motif of the wheel, circle, spinning is ubiquitous in traditional culture. Ornaments, embroideries, potter's circle, basketry, tinkering, but also folk dance or yearly customs that repeat themselves in the cycle of time. The variety of forms of utility objects and at the same time the imagination and consistency of previous generations of creators is a deep source of inspiration for today's young designers and manufacturers.

Immortal wooden toy carries simplicity, simplicity, educates to permanent values and respect. The exhibition presents the traditional wooden toy in three lines – the past (museum exhibits), the present (master manufacturers) and the future (art schools, designers). The curator of the exhibition, Andrea Rolková, summarizes its content with the words: "We will see how our ancestors worked with the wheel motif in the field of toys and how creators grasp this theme today. Contemporary life is affected by globalization, stress and depletion of natural resources. Even in the field of toy production, we are witnessing an influx of products of various materials, colors, functions and interactive solutions. However, wooden toys offer much more. The velvety smoothness of the wood together with the ingenious solution is useful for many years, and the toy is passed down from generation to generation."

Location: Dom remesiel, Hrnčiarska 9/A, 040 01 Košice